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Godox AK-R21 

The Godox AK-R21 Projection Attachment for Flash Heads is compatible with all Godox flash heads with round heads. With this attachment you are able to create different lighting effects with Godox creative effect projection slides.

The AK-R21 is also compatible with most Godox flashes with square heads when used in conjunction with the AK-R25 Square Flash Head Adapter Holder.


Godox AD200Pro

The second generation of this sleek and versatile strobe, the AD200Pro has a series of enhancements over its predecessor:

  • Dedicated Stable Color Temperature Mode, which improves color consistency to within +/- 100K throughout the entire power range
  • Expanded nine stop power range, from 1/256 to 1/1, with 1/10th-stop increments
  • Faster full-power recycle time of 1.8 sec
  • Inclusion of a USB Type-C port for updating the flash's firmware
  • Upgraded metal flash holder/umbrella mount for more secure and stable attachment to light stands
  • Enhanced control panel with recessed design, additional navigation buttons, and a revised On/Off switch

Godox AK-R21 + AD200Pro + 60 Slides

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